Thursday, January 17, 2013

Return to Action

After some time off from Smitty's Sports Blog, I'm returning to action! Over the course of 2 1/2 months with Bleacher Report, I wrote 56 articles that garnered about 95,000 reads. I learned so much about the world of sports writing and am truly grateful for the experience gained there. I will continue to write for B/R on a part-time basis, writing articles about my favorite teams and other trending topics. I am returning to this blog because I know I love sports and simply can't bottle up the fact that I want to get my opinions out there.

I've taken about four weeks off from writing, so I feel recharged and ready to go. I felt the time off gave me renewed energy to do something I really enjoy doing. I needed the break, but I also realized that I can't stay away from the world of sports.  I'm excited about what I plan on bringing to Smitty's Sports Blog in the coming months and hope you enjoy reading my upcoming blog posts.

Stay tuned for the latest sports coverage!