Thursday, February 7, 2013

DePaul frustration

After watching the Blue Demons lose at AllState Arena to Villanova the other night, my frustration reached a breaking point. It looks like this program is never going to turn around. I hate to say it, but it's true. It seems like this team can never get over the hump. If head coach Oliver Purnell wants to keep his job past this year, the Blue Demons are going to have to win some more Big East games late in the season.

The overtime losses to Saint John's in Notre Dame were rough, but this loss to Villanova was flat out embarrassing. Sure, Villanova has beaten some good teams lately, but they also lost to Providence and haven't been consistent on offense this year. The two were tied at halftime and it seemed like DePaul could stick around, but the Wildcats shot 60 percent from the field in this game. Call it bad defense or great shooting, but either way it was another letdown for Oliver Purnell's bunch.

Something has to change going forward. I still think Purnell can't keep running this press without the right personnel. He also must recruit legitimate big men who can rebound the basketball and actually score a little bit. Melvin and Young are good players, but there is no consistent third scoring option on this squad.

There is some talent on this team. I thought they would be middle of the pack in the Big East this year, with a chance to surprise a higher-seeded team in the Big East tournament this year. I was severely mistaken.

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