Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics open with ceremony Friday

The Olympics kick off today with the ceremony in London, England, I couldn't be more excited for this to begin.  While I am very busy with my work for the Rockford RiverHawks, we have a break coming so, so I will have time to catch a lot of the action.

I do not watch rowing regularly in my spare time, but something about the Olympics makes all of these events must-see television for me.  I love tuning in just because it is 17 days of pure competition between the best athletes across the globe.  These events really unite a world split so much by poverty, war, religion, and other factors.  While many people still are suffering, the Olympics can really bring the human race together for 2 1/2 weeks.  I am privileged and so grateful to live in the country I do, and I thank God for being in such a wonderful country.

It may sound cliche, but I am most interested in seeing Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt compete.  These two athletes are just freaks of nature, but the competition has improved in these four years and the two only aged.  One would think it would be impossible for Bolt to break the records again, but maybe he is saving his best for the Olympics after being disqualified in the Worlds last year.  He has quite the competition this year, and one false start will knock him out of the race.  I cannot wait to see that man reach top speed and take off.

Regarding Phelps, I was one who went bananas or was on the edge of my seat for every single one of his final races, especially the relay with Jason Lezak's heroics or when he edged out Milorod Cavic by a hundredth of a second (and it was probably even closer to that).  I admire what he's done in the pool with 14 career gold medals, and I don't think he is just going to let Ryan Lochte and others take what has always been his.

I am also looking forward to basketball and many other sports.  I enjoy watching sports like badminton because I've had experience playing it and know the skill it takes to be really good at it.  As a sports junkie, this is going to be quite a roller coaster ride these next few weeks.

Let's just sit back and enjoy the action.  Go USA!

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