Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Job

I am blessed to have finally found a job that suits me. After spending the summer of 2012 as a media relations intern for the Rockford RiverHawks, I returned home and had a very difficult time pinpointing exactly what I wanted to do and if I had the abilities to land a job that I would enjoy. I gained valuable experience as an intern for Bleacher Report, but I was burnt out and really wasn't optimistic about my job prospects.

I applied many places and never heard back. I did interviews for jobs that didn't really seem to suit me but I thought I'd do it to gain experience. Finally, after searching with no luck, I got a message from a friend who worked over at Harper College in the sports department. He told me he was leaving Harper for a full-time position as a sports reporter in Kentucky and thought I would be good for the position he was leaving.

I interviewed, applied, and I was hired to be the Sports Communication Assistant at Harper College. I have been working for two weeks at Harper and can already tell this job is perfect for me. I write stories and do all things media-related for the sports program. This job is particularly well-suited for me because I attended Harper for two years and played on the baseball team. I understand the scope of the athletic program and what it's like to be a young student-athlete who is looking to do well in a sport and move on while balancing a new life of independence.

I couldn't be happier to be in this position right now. Much of Smitty's Sports Blog will be a collection of my work for the college. I've realized just how difficult it is to find time for writing about my favorite teams, but I still intend to do so as often as I can. My return to the blogging world took a little bit longer than expected, but it's good to be back!

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