Monday, January 19, 2015

Harvest Hoops Team Preview Part 2

With the Harvest Hoops season starting, here is the player breakdown for Team 4 provided by Billy Smith in last week's email:

Ben Asper (captain): Nicknamed "The Golden Child", give him an open 3-pointer or a baseline drive, and you'll pay the price. (Go to bed old man, we are playing at 6 AM tomorrow!)

Billy Smith (captain): Will have to contend with guys 4-5 inches taller and with much more muscle. 

Brian Ramsland: His 3-pointers go in on a line and faster than the blink of an eye.

Eric Freckman: My fellow partner in crime on the glass, Freck crashes the glass harder than anyone in the league. Eric will give teams that don't box out (most of them) fits.

Joey Hillenbrand: Have never met you, but can't wait to play with you. If you have any family ties to former MLB player Shea Hillenbrand, then we will be golden!

Justin Perlut: A lethal shooter from deep, Justin also penetrates and finds open guys all the time. He also plays hard-nosed defense.

Vince Bartolome: A great shooter (I sense a theme here), Vince will knock down big shots and handle the ball as well.

Zack Krupp: If you are 6-foot-5 and can shoot, you will fit in great with our squad (minus the 6-foot-5 part).

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