Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 1: Team 4 (Insert Better Team Name Here) Squeaks Out Victory, 54-53

                               1             2             F
Team 4                 30           24           54           1-0
Team 3                 17           36           53           0-1

Given the luxury of sleeping in and playing the 10:30 AM game, we came out hot in the game against Lafayette Bell and company. With steals, fastbreak points, Eric Freckman looking like Pau Gasol in the post, and some 3-pointers, we built a nice lead in the first half. We played solid team D on Lafayette, forcing others to beat us. With a 30-17 lead at halftime, a strong start to the second half could put this game out of hand.

This, however, was not the case. Lafayette got going offensively, and Kameron Hill also knocked down some 3-pointers to get them back into the game.  Couple that with Billy looking like Shaq on the foul line in the second half and the offense looking a little stagnant, and we had a ballgame.

They cut the lead to just one point in the last few minutes with a chance to take the lead for the first time in the game, but our D held strong. Also, Ben Asper got fouled shooting a three and knocked down all three attempts (with the help of a shooter’s roll on the first one). He knocked down two more big ones late, making him 5-of-5 at the charity stripe during crunch time.

Leading 54-51 with 2.8 seconds left, Team 3 called timeout and drew up a play to send the game into overtime. With the suspense high, the game finished on a layup at the buzzer, which we were more than willing to give up. A 54-53 win was a good start to the season, and we did this without 6-foot-5 Zack Krupp.

Week 2 is an 8:30 AM tip against Team 2, captained by Joe Jenkins and Tobias Green. They won 55-29 in Week 1, so it’ll be a battle of 1-0 teams.

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