Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Manning to Broncos, Tebow to Jets

For those who have been reading my blogging material on a regular basis for these past few months, please understand that I did not mean to slack on my posts.  Just understand that I have been going through a personally trying time in my life right now and have had bigger concerns than the world of sports that I have been so accustomed to writing about.  I love sports, but there have been things in my life that have been demanding my attention and focus.

I have not been scouring sports websites with quite the same vigor lately, but I am not oblivious to the news of Peyton Manning in a Broncos uniform and Tim Tebow in a Jets uniform.  I think I would have to be living in a bubble to not know this.  Let me first give my take on Manning and how all of this went down.

I understand many people are upset that Elway went behind Tebow's back in doing this, but I want you to put yourself in the Hall of Famer's shoes:  You have a chance to get a surefire Hall of Fame quarterback in Peyton Manning for your franchise.  Yes, he has been hurt, but nobody is more determined to get back on the field than him.  While he is an uncertainty and may never be the same Peyton Manning again, Tim Tebow is not necessarily what he had in mind for the future.  Yes, Tebow won them a lot of games last year including a heroic playoff effort, but he doesn't possess the conventional mechanics and mantra to make him a great player in this league.  Elway did not endorse Tebow initially, did so eventually out of obligation, but then turned his attention to Manning like any smart businessman would have.  Manning is signed for five years and while he may not play that many, he is an immediate upgrade to what they had with Tebow.  It is great to see Manning back and ready to go, and Elway didn't stop short there as he got guys like Jacob Tamme and Andre Caldwell to help out Manning, who will also be throwing to emerging receiver Demaryius Thomas.  

It was sad to see Manning leave Indy, though, as he has meant so much to that city.  That city was a part of him and hates to see him go, but Andrew Luck is their future and they couldn't hold on to Manning with that in mind.  Manning and Irsay were both sad to part ways, but sometimes these things have to happen for the betterment of both parties.

All right, let's talk a little Tebow.  One would think it would make sense to have kept Tebow in Denver to learn from Manning, but it just wasn't possible with all that happened.  Tebow is an ambassador in this league and will not say it publicly, but I feel he was hurt by this a slight bit.  He felt he had the support and adoration, but now he has to start over in a very hostile environment in New York where dysfunction is commonplace.  Jets' cornerback Antonio Cromartie basically called the signing a dumb decision, and Tebow goes into a locker room where backstabbing and gossip is the norm.  Not to mention, Rex Ryan isn't exactly singing the song "Amazing Grace" as he spews words out of his mouth.  Tebow is in a rough situation, but it is clear that Ryan wants him to play in unique packages such as the Wildcat, serving as a weapon for a team in desperate need of one.  The only problem, however, is this weapon does not exactly help Mark Sanchez's confidence of arsenal of few weapons.  Sanchez was brutal last year and I've never been a fan of his, but I still don't feel he always gets a fair shake because I personally do not consider guys like Holmes, Burress, and Keller to be elite players.  I've always had a dislike for guys like Holmes who are "me" first and aren't truly elite, so this may explain why Sanchez's growth has stunted in the NFL.  He claims to work hard, but if he saw the preparation a Peyton Manning does, would he still say that?  Tebowmania coming to the New York Jets is already a frenzy.  Let's just see if these Jets can return to playoff form with him.

Feel free to weigh in on this whole situation and voice your opinion. 

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