Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Liberty Lacrosse First Half of the Season Memories and Reflections

Liberty Lacrosse Blog: Wednesday, March 22, 2017, 12:54 p.m.

It is crazy to think the lacrosse season is about half over. It feels just like yesterday that we were up in Indiana and Butler and Notre Dame. Right now, I am on the bus working on some stuff prior to our game at William & Mary. We had lunch at Chili’s, and I was able to sit with Kat, Emily, and Nikki. We talked about anything and everything, from cats and dogs to weddings to siblings.

I wasn’t able to go on the team’s last road trip to George Mason and Robert Morris, which I was super bummed about. But I’m happy to be going on this one today and hoping to get a win.

The rest of this post will be a reflection of where we’ve come up to this point. I didn’t blog about the last three days of the Indiana trip, but I’ll say I did get to witness lacrosse games for the first time ever in person. We lost to No. 8 Notre Dame but bounced back for a win at Butler on Sunday. On that trip, we had dinner one night at Bailey Meador’s parents’ house in Indianapolis. Sunday was a super long day of travel, and I had been getting sick for the few days leading up to that. I was exhausted, and some of the girls had gotten sick too.

Which brings me to the flight from Atlanta to Roanoke, more specifically the landing in Roanoke. It was crazy windy, and our plane wobbled as it got lower and lower. It was definitely a turbulent and bumpy landing, as evidenced by the pilots choosing to flip on the emergency lights prior to landing. That brings me to the funniest/grossest thing-a guy on our flight legitimately threw up. Yes, tossed his cookies. Yacked.

We had four straight home games vs. Richmond, Virginia Tech, Navy and Old Dominion, where I got my first taste of doing the live stats at a game. Todd and I made a good team for each of the games, and I enjoyed the home game experience and having a home crowd. After the games, I worked on my story/stats in the team room and then went on to the tailgate. The tailgates for lacrosse certainly did not disappoint!

Mixed somewhere in there, I believe before the ODU game, was a dinner at Kristie Beitz’s house. Kristie outdid herself with excellent appetizers, a main course and delicious cookies. I was able to play a little bit of the card game Five Crowns before we started the group game, Plot. Nikki, Bri, Hannah and I were the subjects of the game and were instructed to try to guess a story the rest of the group made up. Apparently the story they made up featured elements we guessed such as: Aubrie getting killed, Fidel Castro, Cuba, Sunshine, Florida, etc.

At the end of the game, Courtney Brown (the narrator) told us that we sure made up a great story. I knew coming into this game, there had to be some type of “joke’s on us” element. I just didn’t know what. Sure enough, the joke was indeed on us.

Coming up, we have a day trip to VCU on Saturday which I’ll be going on. Next weekend, we head down to Presbyterian for our Big South opener next Saturday. I’m looking forward to the new adventures with this team. 

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