Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Liberty Lacrosse Blog Day 2

Day 2: Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I woke up to Joey Lyons telling the girls a story of me yelling in my sleep last night. I obviously had no recollection of it nor do I remember having any nightmares. When I was in Arizona in college for a spring break baseball trip, I was told by my friends one morning that I was talking in my sleep. My one friend said I sounded like Donnie Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys.

We left for practice at around 8:30 and got to Charleston Collegiate High School, a private school, for practice. Danny and I worked on setting up shot clocks and goals (which we barely had a clue how to do) while the girls stretched and began conditioning with Karyl (strength and conditioning coach).

I spent most of the practice watching the attackers and working on learning everybody’s name and number. Towards the end of practice, I think I had them all down. I also asked Faith (one of the team captains) some questions about the game, as I am a novice to the sport.

Post-practice prayer
After practice, we went back to the houses for lunch. Most of the girls left after lunch to head over the fitness center in the area to rehab and/or lift.

I took a short nap and then went on a run through the neighborhood. I mostly went down Seabrook Island Drive and then ducked over to the beach to check out the view of the ocean. The waves were lightly rolling in, crashing into the shore. I also got to see the clubhouse and practice area for one of the golf courses in the area. After the run, I hopped on a bike and went to town to get coffee at Java Java. However, it was closed when I got there, so I had to go to the Starbucks at Harris Teeter.

The ride back was quite adventurous, as I could not get my bike seat to cooperate. I spent about five miles trying not to spill my coffee on a bike with an extremely low seat (quad burner). Before I got to the house where we would have dinner, I hung out by the beach as the waves crashed in further than they had just a few hours prior. I missed the sunset, but there was still a glimmer of light coming from the horizon. The sound of the ocean waves is such a peaceful sound.

Once I got over to the house where dinner would be served, several of the girls were busy making chicken teriyaki, rice, and broccoli. At the same time, the rest of the girls were watching this week’s episode of The Bachelor. A week ago, I got roped into the craze known as The Bachelor, and let’s just say I wanted to watch it with them. We only watched part of the episode before pausing it for dinner.

It was a delicious dinner. After dinner, the team activity for the night was “Body-Body”. The game itself is very similar to Mafia. In this particular game, we drew cards, with one person drawing the King (the killer). We turned off all the lights, and the killer would “kill” at least one person until someone found the “dead” person and yelled “Body-Body”. The goal of the game was to determine who was the killer. We played three rounds of the game. In the first two rounds, we figured out the killer pretty quickly.

However, in the third round, Melanie set it up so there would be two killers, and I was one of them. Eden turned out to be the one killer, and then Melanie and others seemed to plan it and accuse others besides me, even though I ended up “killing” multiple people. My reign finally came to an end after several rounds.

I biked back to our house with some of the girls. We didn’t know until tonight that there was a ping pong table in the basement. Joey and Danny played a few games, and Carly played against Danny. She is a pretty good player and had some battles with Danny.  The rest of the night, we ate ice cream and watched the show This Is Us.

Everyone has gone to bed, and I’m just about ready to go to bed. Tomorrow will be a day with even warmer temperatures, more conditioning and practice, and more fun. I’m having fun getting to know this team and learning the game of lacrosse.

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