Thursday, January 12, 2017

Liberty Lacrosse Blog, Day 4, Part 2

Day 4, Part 2: Thursday, January 12, 2017

After everybody got ready, we made the trek to Charleston and arrived around 2:30. I didn’t realize just how hopping Charleston was. The downtown area featured a market, the College of Charleston, tons of restaurants and shops, huge houses, and tons of museums that looked like houses and had historical significance. Finally, the city is situated on the bay, which feeds right into the Atlantic Ocean.

We parked and walked to the Charleston City Market, which was established in the 1790s. There were numerous vendors across the four blocks. I ended up getting an Arnold Palmer that was made from freshly squeezed lemons. I don’t think I had ever seen lemons turned to lemonade and an ultimately an Arnold Palmer.

The girls wandered off in groups at the market and to various other stores in town to shop. I went with Kelly, Nina, and Karyl to the waterfront area. As we were approaching the bay, we saw a pod of dolphins traveling together and jumping out of the water as they went along from our left to right. When we got up there, they were off in the distance and kept moving along. Eventually, Joey, Danny, and Logan met up with us, and we ended up hanging out there for another 20-30 minutes. We did see some more dolphins, but they weren’t quite as cool as the first group we saw.

After that, we went to Rainbow Row, a series of colorful historic houses in downtown Charleston. It was cool to see and read about the history of the buildings dating back to the late 1700s.

We continued walking along the coast, eventually finding White Point Garden, which was a really cool park with humongous trees, green grass, and a pavilion. As we approached the park, we saw a guy proposing to his girlfriend and now fiancée. She said yes, and a short photographer guy took pictures of the whole event as we applauded in the distance. Just a normal Thursday.

We made our way back down Meeting Street, passing several more gigantic houses and museums that once were houses. Eventually, we walked into the College of Charleston basketball arena to use the bathroom. It was a smaller gym but still very nice.

We finally met up with the girls just before 5:30, and most if not all of them had successful shopping trip, as evidenced by the many bags they carried.

We crossed over the Ashley River and made our way to Swig & Swine, a BBQ joint in the area. As we pulled into the lot, our staff van belted out its best version of Edwin McCain’s song “I’ll Be”.

The aromas alone made me hungry. The brisket, pulled pork, mac & cheese, baked potato salad, and banana pudding all were incredible. I don’t think anybody walked away hungry or dissatisfied with the delicious southern BBQ.

On the ride back, we listened to some good tunes and had a good time. We are now at the house, about to watch This Is Us. Joey is satisfied that he’s getting to drink his chocolate milk for dessert. 

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