Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Liberty Lacrosse Blog, Day 3, Part 2

Day 3, Part 2: Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I went for a run around the island and happened to pass by Mel, Lindsey, Caroline, and Jenna as they were biking back from their lift. After getting back, I finished up some work for the tennis teams before heading over on a bike to watch the sunset with everyone.

When I got over there, the sun was about 20 minutes from setting. Some of the girls thought it’d be a great idea to go in the water. The water is 56 degrees, and I only went in with my feet. It was quite cold to say the least.

The sunset was stunning, as the waves crashed into the shore. The girls took several pictures and a big group photo right before the sun went down.

I went over to the one house but didn’t have my hotspot handy for The Bachelor. It would have to wait until after dinner. We went next door for dinner at 6:40, and the girls in the house were finishing up preparing tacos.

After praying, we had a delicious meal. Following that, we went back to the other house to finish up The Bachelor. Following the episode, I just hung out with the girls and got to know them better.

Four of us rode bikes back to the house, where we watched part of an episode of Shark Tank and a full episode of This Is Us.

I’m pretty wiped out from all the sunburn and activities today. Tomorrow should be another fun day. After conditioning and practice, we will have lunch and then head to Charleston for the rest of the day. 

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