Thursday, January 12, 2012

Halftime Thoughts

A 28-26 lead isn't that bad, but I feel this lead could be a lot bigger.  I'm not particularly impressed by Boston College and it seems like they live or die from beyond the arc.  With that said, it was nice to see Clemson force many turnovers as Smith was able to be a force blocking shots and also creating steals.  I think in the second half we need to keep going to the rim and being assertive inside.  The threes will fall eventually, as evidence by Young's pretty one to end it.  But I think the game will be won on the interior.  Looking at the box score, this is a typical Clemson defensive battle as I see it.  A lineup of Young, Smith, Sapp, Booker, and Jennings (with a short hook if he plays poorly)/Baciu will do the trick in the second half and be able to wear out this BC team.  They haven't proven anything on the interior, so we need to force them to shoot highly contested shots and limit them to one opportunity on the offensive end.  Will be attempting to watch the second half as well as the first half of the IU-Minnesota game.

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