Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Michigan-Purdue Game: The Epitome of Why I Love College Basketball

As I watched the Michigan-Purdue game, I realized just why I love college basketball.  I am an Indiana Hoosiers fan who just casually watched the game with my rib dinner in front of me.  I didn't have a rooting interesting, but the final 10 minutes of that game were very exciting.  The teams traded baskets and it made for a great basketball game.  Tirico and Dakich were great on the call, as Tirico brought his energy to an  already frenetic Mackey Arena.  I must remind you, this was not Duke-UNC at Cameron Indoor Stadium or in Chapel Hill.  This was simply a great Big Ten basketball game that game down to the closing seconds.  The crowd was extremely loud there, and this is something I will feel the NBA simply doesn't have.  These players play in front of their peers, parents, and alumni as opposed to NBA guys who play in front of fans who seem aloof at best.  NBA arenas are a joke compared to the crowd noise in college basketball.  NBA arenas need the dumb jumbotron to try to produce any breath of energy, while the college arenas are buzzing with hissing fans complaining about calls and having real pride for their team and school.

I also just feel NBA players are overpaid and many of them seem disinterested.  I do believe they are very skilled, but this year I am watching a lot more college basketball.  While there are plenty of superstars in the NBA, they aren't captivating my attention even in a shorter 66 game season where every game isn't of premium importance.  These college games like tonight are important.  Michigan, at 15-5, was off to its best start under coach John Beilein, while Purdue really needed a marquee win to begin building an NCAA tournament resume.

These are just a couple of my thoughts regarding this matter.  Let me know if you are in my camp or if you have a differing view.

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