Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hoosier Disappointment

Now I'll admit I could not watch the game last night, seeing the final score and reading the story made me sick. I thought back to the past three years of Indiana basketball and just how bad they were.  Now the way I see it, this Indiana team is very similar/nearly the same makeup as last year's team plus Cody Zeller.  If you think about it, it's true because he is really the only freshman making an impact for IU (with a great recruiting class coming in next year, might I add).  So this particular team has been bred in the past with a losing demeanor because that's all they did.  Sure, they got Zeller and he's made a huge impact, but he's never been in the grind of a Big Ten schedule where no road win can be taken for granted.  Take Wednesday as an example of that as the Hoosiers squandered a big lead and even a three point lead in the final 35 seconds of the game.    It makes me wonder about this team and believe they may have been playing over their heads a bit earlier in the season when they beat UK and OSU.  They really need to right the ship coming up at Penn State.  It is just frustrating because once you turn a corner with your program, you should not look back or let anything get in the way.  The losses to Minnesota and Nebraska are a clear case of how this team may not be ready to be serious contenders to make a run deep in the tournament.  I hope they prove me wrong over the coming weeks, but they definitely have some work to do and I have faith that Tom Crean can send his guys a message.

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